The movie Interstellar has made over $550M since its release in November. This is a good sign that proves to Hollywood studios that the success of Gravity was not a fluke. There is clearly a sizable global audience for well-made, intelligent space movies.

The plot devices used to provide scientifically plausible ways to carry out interstellar flight continue to inspire lots of discussions and arguments.

Noted Caltech physicist and cosmologist Kip Thorne was a key adviser on the script and has even written a book titled, The Science of Interstellar.

He recently spoke on the Planetary Society‘s weekly radio program about the movie: Kip Thorne and the Science of Interstellar – The Planetary Society –

The Kavli Foundation hosted an on line Q&A about the movie with three astrophysicists:

From the caption:

Astrophysicists (and Curious Stardust bloggers) Mandeep Gill, Eric Miller and Hardip Sanghera answer YOUR questions about worm holes, black holes and distant galaxies.