John Powell of JP Aerospace tells me they had a successful sale of  MiniCubes last month (see JP Aerospace sale on flights of MiniCubes to NearSpace).

Their latest outreach effort is a Kickstarter to fund the flight of 2000 Pongsats in September: 2000 Student Projects to the Edge of Space by John Powell — Kickstarter

This time instead of one thousand PongSats we’re flying two thousand. We have just over 14,000 PongSats flown so far. I think that’s more student payloads then the rest of the world’s space programs combined! The PongSats are getting more and more complex. We now get PongSats with GPS’s and cameras in them and some even made on 3D printers.

(To be clear, Pongsat flights cost nothing to the students or their schools.)

Here’s the Kickstarter video: