Andy Weir‘s book, The Martian: A Novel, has become an unexpected hit and there is already a movie in the works: A Survival Guide to Mars: A Computer-Scientist-Turned-Novelist Explores Life on Mars in Debut Thriller –

What if you were the last person on Mars?

That is the dizzying premise of Andy Weir’s meticulously researched debut novel, “The Martian.” The novel, which began as a self-published science-fiction serial, is shaping up to be an international hit, with publication rights sold in 21 countries and a movie in the works.

The story opens as astronaut Mark Watney, the lowest-ranking crew member of NASA’s third manned mission to Mars, wakes, aching and fuzzy headed, from an unconscious stupor in his space suit. He is stranded on Mars, after his crew got hit with an unexpectedly powerful sand storm six days into their monthlong mission. He was presumed dead and left behind when the crew evacuated. Satellite radio communications with NASA blew out. The next scheduled Mars mission is four years away, and Watney only has enough food to last 300 days.