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ANS 040 Weekly AMSAT Bulletin – February 8, 2014:
* Ham radio CubeSat deployment postponed
* Ham TV Commissioning Postponed until March 8
* Satellites News from the Magazines
* Can Radio Hams receive NASA’s ISSE-3/ICE ?
* Send Your Name to the Asteroid Bennu!
* Outernet – Shortwave radio from space
* FCC Seeks Comments on WR-2015 Draft Rcommendations
* ARISS News
* Satellite Shorts From All Over


Here is an update on the cubesats brought to the ISS by NanoRacks for deployment from the Japanese module : ISS CubeSat Deployment, “Ham Video” Commissioning Postponed – ARRL

Two Amateur Radio-related activities aboard the International Space Station have been postponed. The deployment of Amateur Radio CubeSats planned for February 6 has been put off, and a new date has not yet been announced. NASA reported that astronaut Koichi Wakata, KC5ZTA, this week installed a deployer mechanism that will be used in concert with the Kibo robotic arm to release the first set of CubeSats. He ran into difficulty last week installing some related electronics, delaying the CubeSat deployments. NASA now wants to make sure the CubeSats do not fall into the intended orbit of the Global Precipitation Measurement satellite, which goes into space later this month.