Copenhagen Suborbitals: Ballutes and a big engine test

Some recent posts from Kristian von Bengtson about developments at Copenhagen Suborbitals:

On March 1st they will test the 1st stage of the HEAT 2X rocket, which they plan to launch this summer: Raketmotortest – Denmark.

The danish space pioneers Copenhagen Suborbitals are again testing the worlds most powerful amateur rocket engine, and you have the chance to experience the test onsite !

This time we test the complete, stacked 16 meter tall HEAT 2X rocket stage with full load of 1,200 kg of propellant and full burn time. The test will be conducted in the new 160 ton VTC-3 test stand.

The rocket engine TM65LE will be releasing its full power in a test bench, strongly bolted down to the thick concrete at the former shipyard B&W dock area.

We guarantee an extraordinary experience, so come join us at this rare event !