An announcement from Nanosatisfi:

ArduSat Academy Launches 4 Week Space Experience

NanoSatisfi, LLC is pleased to announce that registration is now open for ArduSat Academy Summer Program 2013. Ardusat Academy is an opportunity for students, hackers, makers, DIY space enthusiasts, and anyone interested in space, science, or programming to learn how to devise and prepare their own satellite-based experiment. Building on the ArduSat initiative to make space accessible to all, ArduSat Academy gives participants the tools they need to best make use of that opportunity.

“In just four weeks, anyone can design and program their own space-based experiment or experience,” says ArduSat Academy Program Director Merryl Azriel. “This isn’t just a project to keep you busy through yet another summer: this is the real deal, with a real satellite.”
Participants will discover the nuts and bolts of satellite operations, explore the capabilities of ArduSat’s sensor suite, learn to program and assemble Arduinos, and design and test a program to execute their experiments in orbit. This summer, participants will also be able to witness the July launch of ArduSat-1 and meet with the engineers that made it all happen.
The four week program will run June 24 through July 19, with morning, afternoon, and weekend sessions available. $2000 will get you in the program, which will be held in the San Francisco metropolitan area. No prior experience is necessary. All ages 13 years and above are welcome.

For more details about ArduSat Academy Summer Program 2013 and to register, visit us at

About NanoSatisfi, LLC
San Francisco-based NanoSatisfi formed in the summer of 2012, with a mission of providing convenient, affordable, on-demand access to satellites. NanoSatisfi’s founders together combine experience at 9 universities, in 8 companies, in 7 languages, and on 3 continents. NanoSatisfi prides itself on being free from the old mindset of “space costs millions and take years,” and is devoted to making space accessible and affordable for everyone. The company’s first two satellites were crowdfunded via a Kickstarter campaign. The results of that campaign – a space-based application platform comprised of an AVR/Arduino based computer in a CubeSat standard with a freely programmable micro-processor and 25 sensors – will launch with NanoRacks in the summer of 2013. Learn more at