Andrew Edwards, founder of the Open Source Aerospace Wiki sends this announcement:

Aerospace Technology is Open for All

For the 41st anniversary of the first moon landing, the private space industry is making one huge leap by opening the Open Source Aerospace Project at This new project is an attempt to make the aerospace industry less expensive and open for all. The OSA project is an open wiki and online forum full of technology, science, and ideas in the private space industry so they may be built upon and further developed by industry professionals. This project helps small companies by making research less expensive since technology can be criticized and get input from all industry professionals, and will also push the entire industry forward by making new technologies and ideas open to all.

The Open Source Aerospace Project hopes to partner with other organizations such as eSpace and MIT to help move along the idea and the industry in general, and has already contacted or added input from both. The project hopes to get more than just engineering advice from MIT, since it also hopes to include all aspects of aerospace. The goal of this project is not just to develop and open technology, but air movement, astronomy, theories and anything that can change the industry.

If all goes well, this could be a major move for private spaceflight. From programming a site in a small apartment to launching humans into the heavens above, we see history repeated from the recent computer industry. In years to come it will be the large companies, and the small providers working together with these open ideas that will make this industry work. It is only up to us to see what the next big step is until we reach higher and higher to space.