Spacevidcast 6.13: Is Mars One a scam, fantasy or brilliant idea

Spacevidcast posts their latest program: Is Mars One a scam, fantasy or brilliant idea? – Spacevidcast


Mars One is looking to send humans on a one way trip to Mars for a reality TV show. They are taking applications and your money today. How will they get there? Don’t know. How will they survive? Don’t know that either. Is this a scam, poorly thought out fantasy or our best hope to put humans on an alien planet?

In Space News we look at Virgin Galactic’s supersonic test flight, NASA is giving Texas a shuttle and is buying more seats on the Soyuz.

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3 thoughts on “Spacevidcast 6.13: Is Mars One a scam, fantasy or brilliant idea”

  1. Sorry but you misspoke. SpaceX has a commercial cargo contract to the ISS, not a crew contract. CiCDev is not a crew contract but an SAA to develop that capability.

  2. Sorry, apologies CCiCap not CiCDev is the crew capability SAA.
    Also, Boeing CST-100 is developing a crew capsule in that SAA.

  3. You must be talking about remarks in the video, which I had nothing to do with. I’m well aware of what CCiCap and CCDev do and don’t do.

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