Bob Zimmerman reports on the latest space news during regular weekly slots (usually Tuesday and Thursdays) on the John Batchelor radio program. See the iTunes free Podcast for links to the latest shows.

Tuesday 04/23/13 Batchelor Hour 3 

  • Antares success
  • SpaceX grasshopper success
  • Virgin Galactic space tourism success.

Thursday 04/25/13 Batchelor Hour 4

  • Russian Progress cargo spacecraft’s antenna problem
  • Apophis and the keyhole
  • Cassini sees meteoroids hitting Saturn’s rings
  • Climate change prediction misses


Wednesday 04/24/13 Batchelor Hour 1
The weekly Hotel Mars segment this week with David Livingston included guest William Borucki of NASA who talked about the recent discovery by the Kepler space observatory of exoplanets in the habitable zone of their stars.

Update April.29.13: I missed this in my earlier scan of the JBS programs last week. I see that my friend Jeff Foust of The Space Review   (+, Space Politics, and NewSpace Journal) spoke on the John Batchelor Show last Tuesday 04/23/13 about the Chelyabinsk fireball event.