A sampling of links to recent space policy, politics, and government (US and international) related space news and resource items that I found of interest:


** The Space Show – Sun, 11/25/2018Sarah Cruddas, a British space journalist, TV presenter and children’s author, talked about the Space For Humanity program that aims to enable several “non-astronauts to travel to the edge of space” on suborbital rocket flights. This segment was followed by an open lines program led by David Livingston.

** We Know Where the 2020 Rover Will Look for Martian Life | The Planetary Society

NASA announced on November 19th that the multi-billion dollar 2020 Mars rover will land in Jezero crater, where it will begin the search for the signature of past life. The selection process took five years, and Briony Horgan of Purdue University was part of it all. She joins us to talk about this exciting and enticing target on the Red Planet. Planetary Society Senior Editor Emily Lakdawalla prepares us for the much more imminent Mars landing of InSight. Orion in the northern hemisphere’s night sky can only mean winter is coming. Just ahead of it is a new What’s Up segment from Bruce and Mat.


** Why a lunar base is better than LOP-G – Dr. Robert Zubrin -21st Annual Mars Society Convention – A talk given in August but posted this week on the The Mars Society YouTube channel along with several other presentation videos from the meeting.


Einstein’s Monsters: The Life and Times of Black Holes