** SpaceX Builds a Big Falcon Rocket | The Planetary Society

A mostly SpaceX episode as the ambitious company provides updated details regarding its huge new rocket and introduces its first astronauts. Mat Kaplan shares more from the company’s headquarters, while Planetary Society Digital Editor explains and explores the BFR. Jason also celebrates the successful landing of two asteroid “rovers” from Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft. And we’ll tell you What’s Up in the night sky as we offer another space trivia contest.

** The Space Show | 28 Sep 2018Elizabeth Kennick describe “new programs and updates for the Teachers In Space (TIS) program”.

** The Space Show | 02 Oct 2018Dr. Christopher Morrison talked about “new ideas for space nuclear power, new approaches and fuels being developed by his company, UltraSafe Nuclear Corporation (USNC) and multiple related nuclear space topics“.

** The Space Show | 01 Oct 2018Bjarke Gotfredsen from Cape Town, South Africa discussed “STEM in South Africa, global STEM learning with technology tools, astrobiology partnerships with the Carl Sagan Center at SETI, searching for Mars life via the Andes and much more“.

** Satellite Refueling, Life Extension and the Future of Small Sats – Constellations, a New Space and Satellite Innovation Podcast:

As we learned from our podcasts at the Small Satellite Conference in Utah this August, the small sat industry is simultaneously growing in so many directions…from new streamlined manufacturing techniques, to more launch options, a plethora of emerging applications and, of course the economic outlook for the industry Who better to discuss these issues than Carolyn Belle, Senior Analyst at NSR, who built their Small Satellite practice. Listen as Carolyn discusses the potential impact of SpaceX, One Web and other planned mega constellations on the GEO operators; the impact of new small sat propulsion systems and the emergence of in-orbit services including satellite refueling, life extension and salvage. Carolyn also addresses the hype that has surrounded the industry but believes that we’re only starting to scratch the surface of the value they might deliver moving forward.


Chasing New Horizons: Inside the Epic First Mission to Pluto