Videos: The Planetary Post with Robert Picardo – “Space Robots in Antarctica”

The latest Planetary Post with Robert Picardo is about Space Robots in Antarctica

While Picardo speaks to Astronauts and fans on a Star Trek cruise ship, one of our other board members, Dr. Britney Schmidt toughs it out at the South Pole to research how one day robots could work underwater on ice moons.

Here is a recent panel discussion at NASA JPL about the first US satellite, Explorer 1, launched 60 years ago on Jan.25, 1958:

Explorer 1 marked the start of the Space Age for America, and heralded the study of Earth from space. The JPL-built satellite confirmed the existence of the Van Allen radiation belts, the very first space science discovery. Explorer 1’s success was only the first of an array of Earth missions that have mapped and probed our planet’s lands, waters and atmosphere on scales ranging from the millimeter to global views. This conversation and multimedia journey spanned from the dawn of Earth space science to today’s modern fleet that is providing vital information in understanding the changes taking place on the only planet humans can yet call home. For more info on Explorer 1, please visit

Blaine Baggett, JPL Fellow – Moderator
Erik Conway, JPL Historian
Carmen Boening, JPL Earth Scientist
Erika Podest, JPL Earth Scientist
Jason Craig, JPL Visualization Specialist