Videos: TMRO 10.43 – What should NASA’s role be in 2030 and beyond?

Here is the most recent episode of the program: What should NASA’s role be in 2030 and beyond? – Orbit 10.43 – TMRO

This week we have a roundtable discussion asking what NASA’s role should be in 2030 and beyond. We’re joined by Space MIke, Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronaut, Jared Head and Cariann Higginbotham.

Recent launches

  • Antares Launch
  • Long March 4C Launch
  • Delta II Launch

and news items discussed:

  • First light on a revolutionary Zwicky Transient Facility Telescope
  • Space Keg reaches International Space Station
  • Sierra Nevada Completes Dreamchaser Test Flight
  • Hitomi’s Short But Productive Run
  • Rocket Lab’s is preparing for the second flight of their Electron Rocket

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