An announcement from the STEAMSPACE™ Education Outreach program:

Future Space Pioneers Coming to Texas

Austin, Texas – July 5, 2017–More than seven hundred students and their teachers and mentors from around the world will come to Austin November 10th to present their innovative designs for off-world habitats and colonies.

It is the third annual “Cities in Space” competition and seminar that brings together tomorrow’s space colonists with NASA scientists, engineers and astronauts as well as NewSpace innovators and business leaders.

The “Cities in Space 2017” seminar and competition marks the first day of an annual conference that includes a Space Settlement Symposium by “” where government and private sector leaders come together to discuss the human settlement of space.

“We are one important part of a larger effort to see humans settle off-world by 2030,” said Holly Melear, founder and Executive Director of STEAMSPACE™ Education Outreach. “Our role is to introduce tomorrow’s off-world leaders to the brightest lights in space exploration today.”

Students competing will present detailed engineering and concept papers for off-world human habitation. Winners will be recognized, meet with NASA leaders and private sector space entrepreneurs, and see their designs carried to the lunar surface in a future flight aboard a lunar-lander now under development by Astrobotic, Inc.

“These extraordinary students will compete with each other, learn from each other and gain entry into one of the most exclusive clubs on Earth—those determined to see humans prosper in space and on other worlds.” Said Amos Behana, Director of Operations for STEAMSPACE™

The New Worlds Conference and Space Settlement Seminar, which hosts the Cities in Space 2017 competition and conference, is a two day event held at the Renaissance Hotel and Conference Center in Austin, Texas on November 10 and 11th.

Media representative are welcome to attend and encouraged to get in touch in advance of the event.

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