Sci-Tech: The future of human aging is looking up

With yet another New Years celebration upon us, a Baby Boomer’s thoughts may turn to mortality. To brighten up the melancholy of oldsters still surprised the 1960s are long gone, here are some reports on understanding aging and what can be done about the diseases of aging:

** The Future of Human Aging, by Michael D. West, Ph.D,.CEO of BioTime  – An excellent review for the non-expert of the fundamental causes of aging and the prospects for doing something about them.

** Changing the future with stem cells | Crystal Ruff | TEDxLondonBusinessSchool – A nice explanation for a general audience of what exactly stem cells are and how they can be used to treat diseases.

** All The Basics – Stem Cells as the Engine of Regenerative Medicine – More about stem cells and how they can be used to treat the effects of aging – 

** Everything You Need to Know About Gene Therapy’s Most Promising Year – Technology Review  – Gene therapy for a wide range of diseases is making real progress and the field is accelerating.