Videos: TMRO 9.27 – Capsule or Space Plane? + Two Spacepods

Here are three videos from The first an hour long show from the weekly live program. The other two are Spacepod shorts.

** Would you go to space in a Capsule or Space Plane? 

This week we examine the different Space Planes coming on the scene. Orbital planes such as Skylon and sub-orbital planes such as SpaceShipTwo. We ask you, would you want to go in to space in a Capsule or a Space Plane?

News topics discussed on the program:

* SpaceX Pad Anomaly
* Asteroid probe apparently unharmed in nearby SpaceX anomaly, passes Flight Readiness Review
* China may have had a rocket anomaly on Wednesday
* Juno beams back dramatic new pictures of Jupiter
* New Zealand Launch Site Survives 7.1 Earthquake
* Hunt for Planet 9 reveals extremely distant objects

** Pad Anomaly Updates and Upcoming Launches – SpacePod 09/07/16

Less than a week after the loss of the Amos-6 satellite, we still don’t know why the Falcon 9 exploded, but we know what some of the outcome is for the satellite owner, Israel’s Spacecom. Also there are lots of exciting rocket launches coming up very soon.

** Ask Us Anything – SuperPod 08/31/16

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