Space Arts: Speed of light public path Kickstarter + Space the place for important art + The Sci Art Exchange

The Kickstarter The Speed of Light Project by Caspar Noyons has raised $9,141 towards a goal of $11,148 goal with two days remaining. The goal is to create an installation that demonstrates the 8.3 minutes that it takes for light to travel from the earth to the sun. The plan is to build a 555 meter long trail on which a person will

 follow a LED path (3 LED per meter, 1665 LED’s in total) showing the exact speed of 4km/h which is slow walking pace. This journey will then take the amount of time required: 8.3 minutes. A perfect place for this is the IJpromenade in the North of Amsterdam. Next to the IJ Canal it offers a great open space next to the water along a long straight line of just the right size.


Space imagery produces works of spectacular beauty: Out of this world: why the most important art today is made in space –  The Guardian



Check out the Sci Art Exchange, which

wants to change the world by bringing science and technology together with art to capture minds and hearts, engaging all of society in the future of space exploration, and promoting scientific innovation and collaboration.

Find their latest news at SciArt Exchange (@SpaceArtSAE) on Twitter.

Jancy Mcphee of the Exchange talked about the project at the Space Apps NYC conference in April (find lots more videos from the event):