Videos: TMRO 9.23 – Extending the ISS to 2024 + Three Space Pod reports

The latest episode of is now available online: Extending the ISS to 2024 – #ISS2024 – TMRO

In our final episode before our July hiatus we look at the International Space Station and the desire to extend its life to 2024. While many ISS partners are on board with extending its life, ESA has not yet committed. What does this mean for the future of station?

Space news topics discussed:

* New Shepard Flight 4
* PSLV Launch
* Atlas V Launch
* Long March 7 Launch
* Juno July 4th rendezvous with Jupiter
* How Brexit may affect UK space participation

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Here are two resent TMRO Space Pod short reports:

How to Build a Rocket – Space Pod 6/23/16

Our own Rocketman of TMRO, Jared Head, shows us what it takes to make an entry level high power rocket [a MadCow Rocketry 4″ Patriot] so you can get your own space program started in your garage.

* Is the RD-180 Debate Finally Over? – Space Pod 06/15/16

This week, Space Mike discusses the compromise regarding the Russian made RD-180 engines used on the Atlas V rocket for U.S. National Security Payloads, as well as the final mission phase for a Cygnus spacecraft in orbit right now.

* What do astronauts eat in space? – Space Pod 06/08/16

TMRO correspondent Lisa Stojanovski does a ‘show and tell’ of International Space Station food, and food that might be grown on Mars.