“Venus” – A 4-part graphic novel

Phil Plait reviewed Venus, the four part comic coming out in October: Rick Loverd comic book mini-series Venus features good science.

What would it take to colonize Venus?

The idea is a bit far-fetched right now, but in 100 years or more, who knows? It might be possible, if our circumstances drive us to try it … and that’s the premise for the four-part comic miniseries Venus, written by my friend Rick Loverd and published by Boom! Studios.

So when Rick asked me to take a look at his comic about the crew of the Mayflower, a group of explorers who will be the first to attempt to live on the barely tamed surface of Venus, I was intrigued. Unsurprisingly to me, I liked it! It has a lot of comic-style derring-do coupled with a pretty firm basis in science, extrapolating from what we know today and seeing where it might take us.

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VENUS #1 Main Cover by W. Scott Forbes