Check out this video of marvelous astronomical sights accompanied by guitarist Daniel Voth‘s Soundtrack of the Universe –

From the entry at Candy Rat Records:

The Soundtrack of the Universe’ is an 8-section, 30-minute long, progressive, acoustic-guitar suite from Daniel Voth’s upcoming full-album release ‘Trancendence’.

‘The Soundtrack of the Universe’ features Voth’s darkly melodic playing style and world-class compositional ability. Interwoven throughout are trance-like tapping patterns, piercing harmonics, huge tribal percussive hits, and strumming patterns that build and crescendo at epic heights. The celestial guitar score is supported by lush violin/cello arrangements and powerfully resonant bass lines.

The piece, as a whole, was composed to represent an audial journey through space and time. It asks the listener to envision his/her purpose as part of the seeming infinity we are confronted with when we look up at the stars.

‘The Soundtrack of the Universe’ was engineered, mixed and mastered by Antoine Dufour at his studio in Montreal, Canada. It also features Russian virtuoso Maria Grigoryeva on strings, Nathan Navarro on bass, Luke Notary on percussions and Moto Fukushima also on bass. In addition, gravitational sound waves produced by the LIGO observatory are sampled and layered throughout.

Finally, perhaps the greatest contribution, is a speech orated by the late Carl Sagan, entitled ‘Pale Blue Dot.’ It is a humbling message contained therein about the vastness of space and the insignificance of many of the conflicts endured by humanity on Earth. As a contribution to the legacy left behind by this great man, 10% of the sales of ‘The Soundtrack of the Universe’ are donated to his space foundation.