Video – Life On Mars: Michael Morris – leader of the Mars Ice House team

Melissa Balan and colleagues at Senior Post are creating a series of short documentary videos called Life on Mars, which “chronicles mankind’s initiatives to put humans on Mars”.

In February 2015, I posted Life On Mars: Leila Zucker about Dr. Leila Sucker, an emergency room MD, who made the cut for the final 100 candidates of the Mars One program.

In April there was an interview with long time space advocate Bob Werb, a co-founder of  The Space Frontier Foundation.

The latest video in the series is shown below. It is about Michael Morris, the team leader of the winning team in NASA’s 3D Printed Habitat Challenge. The video explores the vision behind their design, which is called the Mars Ice House (see my September post here about the Ice House.)

Life on Mars: Michael Morris from Senior Post on Vimeo.



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