Grant Imahara, a former member of the Mythbusters team, has partnered with the electronics distributor to create space contests and participatory projects. For example, the Space Travel Challenge is a contest to send pictures and messages to the lunar surface via Astrobotic’s MoonMail service: Mouser and Imahara Launch New Space Series to Create a Lunar Legacy and Ultimate Space Face-Off: Mars vs Moon.

For the project, Imahara has a website with videos and articles: The Future of Space Travel | Empowering Innovation With Grant Imahara – Mouser.

For example, Imahara writes about the challenges facing space travelers: Challenges on the Final Frontier – Bench Talk/Mouser Blog

And here is a sampling of his video interviews:

* Bas Lansdorp, CEO of Mars One Project – To Colonize Mars

Space Exploration – Bobak Ferdowsi talks about the Moon & Mars Exploration

Space Electronics – John Branthoover, Astrobotic‘s Senior Electrical Engineer