Help capture a 360 deg view of solar eclipse from stratosphere above the North Pole

The high-altitude balloon near-space adventure company zero2infinity has opened a crowd-funding campaign to sponsor a balloon project to film the upcoming total solar eclipse that will be visible above the arctic circle: bloon: 360 view of a Total Solar Eclipse from Space – Indiegogo

Help us record the first ever spherical video of an
eclipse from the Stratosphere!

This is our last chance to capture the shadow of the Moon
over the northern ice cap before it melts

On the 20th of March 2015, at the North Pole, there will be a total solar eclipse. This is an extraordinary and very rare event, that has never been thoroughly documented and will take thousands of years to happen again. After 6 months of polar night, the Moon will pass between the Earth and the Sun and will darken this infinitely white snow-covered region. Add to that, the very high probability of Northern lights lighting up the sky, and you can imagine what a magical moment this will be.


Unfortunately there is a very high probability of cloud cover at those latitudes, which means the event will not be as impressive seen from the ground. What we are proposing is to fly higher, much higher, with a stratospheric helium balloon, from Svalbard in Norway, the only populated area from which the eclipse will be fully visible. The balloon won’t only fly above the clouds, it will come close to space, and the view will be incredible.

On the day of the eclipse, when the Moon will obscure the Sun, the stars and the planets will become visible and the shadow of the Moon will be seen going over the Earth. We will record this with a spherical camera that will cover a 360º angle. We are the only company in the world ever having flown such a camera in Space. The results are spectacular:

Check out what you will enable us to do:

We need your help! Recovery and distribution are crucial aspects, and time is of the essence! Help us here, choose one of our exciting perks and let’s make it happen!