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Advanced Rocketry News

Aerospike engine test by CSULB and Garvey
Cal State U. at Long Beach - Aerospace Engineering
Succesful firing on June 23, 2003 of a liquid fueled aerospike engine
built by students at Cal. State University at Long Beach Aerospace
in collaboration with Garvey Spacecraft.

Articles here describe news and developments in advanced amateur and student rocketry, experimental rocketry, and innovations at small entrepreneurial rocket companies.

See the Advanced Rocketry section for links and resources in these areas and be sure to check out the Records, Achievments & Competitions section.

The RLV News section also overlaps with this section, especially with regard to the X PRIZE competition. See RLV Countdown for links to suborbital and X PRIZE projects by small organizations.

July 18, 2006

CalPoly rocketry... Californai Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo has quite an active rocket development program in its Cal Poly Space Systems group. See the list of Projects and lots of Pictures and Video from their rocket flights and engine tests.

April 25 , 2006

Stratofox update ... Ian Kluft gave a report at the recent Space Access ' 06 meeting on the activities of the Stratofox Tracking and Recovery team: Presentation Slides from Stratofox presentation at Space Access 2006.

He also sent this list of upcoming projects:

  • We'll be at the UP Aerospace launch in NM. Last we heard is it's expected to be some time in July. The final date depends on the NM spaceport construction progress.

  • We'll be at AeroPAC's HPR launches at Black Rock whenever they're trying 100K shots. AeroPAC's launches are June 14-16 "MudRock", Aug 4-6 "Aeronaut", and Sept 22-24 "XPRS".

  • Of course To100K is the official club project to attempt a 100,000ft record, as you saw in my presentation.

  • Another group of AeroPAC members call themselves the "99K Team" since they're trying for the same thing but don't want to act intimidating. :-) It's a friendly competition.

  • The Stratofox WiFi-Net project will begin this year. We already have the equipment thanks to a sponsor. But it'll still take some effort to locate contacts with a permanent Internet link on the valley floor in Reno.

March 1, 2006

News briefs ... Check out the liquid fueled, regeneratively cooled rocket engine development at Robert's Rocket Project. ...

... Garvey Spacecraft posted an update on progress and plans for the Garvey/CSULB program: Static Fire Testing, Prospector 6B, Prospector 7 - Garvey Spacecraft - Nov.26.05 ...

... The Prospector 7 rocket, built by Garvey Spacecraft and a group at Cal State Long Beach, flew twice last November, demonstrating a turnaround time of just 3.5 hours. Check out the videos at Successful Demonstration of RLV-type Operations - CSULB - November 30, 2005

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